Riders of all backgrounds are welcome. No age, fitness or any other arbitrary limits. We want to share the fun with everyone.


It is an unsupported challenge. Each participant has to move with his/her own power (no drafting, no assistance car, no public transport) and carry his/her own stuff. No outside help is accepted. Water, food and bike material has to be acquired from commercial areas or provided by the organization. Equal opportunities for all.

In case of an accident the rider calls the emergency number 112. 


We will provide you a Tracker (Follow My Challenge), a 50€ cash deposit will be asked during the check-in. This amount will be refunded at the return of the device. The tracking device has to be turned on during the full race. The rider has to take proper care of it. We expect the race to be finished before the battery is drowned. Tracker can be charged with USB-micro cable when needed. Battery levels can be checked via Follow My Challenge tracking platform.

In case of device problems the rider has to be able to deliver the GPX (or alternative format) file of his ride. If the rider does not finish the race, he/she has to bring the tracker back to the organization (or to be shipped with a tracking number).


Riding in pairs is allowed. In this case, the couples are allowed to draft. Pairs will be part of the general classification. Please register individually and sent an email ([email protected]) to the organisation to confirm as a pair.


Each participant has to respect traffic rules and local laws at any time. Roads are open during the entire challenge. Share it with the cars, trucks and other traffic participants. Be respectful.

Mandatory items

We will keep it simple: no light, no helmet, no race

You will have to bring:

  • 2 front lights
  • 2 rear lights
  • emergency blanket
  • helmet
  • reflective jacket


Each participant is fully responsible of his/her own acts and he/she is required to be insured in case of health problems, accident, or corporal damages caused to himself or to others.  By registering for the event, the participant agrees to discharge the entire responsibility of the organization for any damage he/she may suffer or cause to others and therefore waives any recourse against the organization.

Image rights

By registering for the event, participants agree to be filmed and photographed during the event. The images can be broadcasted on the website, the social networks of the organization and the organizers.